Recruit fundraisers for an event - the Challenge page

Recruit fundraisers for an event - the Challenge page

What is a Challenge page?

The Challenge page allows you to recruit fundraisers for a specific event.

Like all our pages dedicated to recruitment, the Challenge page is designed to fit any device (PCs, smartphones, tablets) and allow a smooth navigation.
So feel free to share it on social networks and in your public communications!

How do I get my Challenge page?

1- Log into your back office
2- Go to "Events"
3- Search for your event in the list. If you can not find it, click on "Add my own event to the list"

You can then customize your Challenge page and indicate a fundraising goal and a text to motivate your future fundraisers and display the graphic charter of your event changing colors and the banner of your page.

Finally, remember to change the URL address of your Challenge page to improve its ranking on search engines!

All these changes are easy to use from the "Events" screen of your back-office, or by clicking on the "Edit Page" button that appears on your page when you are logged in as a charity admin.

How to launch my recruitment?

After selecting your event, go to the "recruitment links" to find all links to share widely to your community.

To learn how to use these links effectively, you can read our article "How to use the event recruitment links provided in my back-office ?"

To highlight your event, do not forget to add it to your chartiy portal

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