How to use the event recruitment links provided in my back-office ?

How to use the event recruitment links provided in my back-office ?

In the "Events" section of your back-office, you can get all the recruitment links you need when starting a new fundraising campaign on an event. You can use these links to recruit participants to any of your events.

Using the right link when communicating with your supporters is very important to optimize your recruitment.

Challenge page link

This link leads to the dedicated landing page for your event. It shows all the information about your event and the best fundraisers and groups. Visitors can join the challenge as a fundraiser from this page.

Free page creation link

In case you want to use your own website to promote an event, it might be unnecessary and unefficient to redirect your visitors to the challenge page, repeating the content of the dedicated page of your website.

The best way to recruit fundraisers in that case is to allow your visitors to create directly their Alvarum page for this event using the free page creation link.

Registration link

This link only appears if a registration system managed by Alvarum is active on the chosen event. Most common case for this link is an Alvarum Challenge your charity takes part in, however feel free to contact us if you need to add a registration system to your own event.

This link provides direct registration to the chosen event. You can put it on your own website or share it with people that are already familiar with the concept of the Alvarum Challenges. They will be able to pay directly the registration fees and create their page.

Lead Form link

This link only appears if your charity takes part in an Alvarum Challenge on the selected event.

You can share it with anyone interested in supporting your charity so that they can apply for a charity place on this event.
After filling this form, the interested person (the "lead") will receive more information about the challenge and be invited to register to support your charity at this occasion.