How to create or edit a group page?

How to create or edit a group page?

Create a new group page

As fundraiser you can create a group page directly from your Alvarum page. Log in into your account, select the relevant page and go to the "My group" section in the edit tab of the page. Here you will click on the link "Create a group". In order to create a group you just need to set a name for your group.

Please note: You can only be member in one group with your Alvarum page. Your Alvarum page will automatically leave any other group when you create a new group page.

Please note: You can only create a group if your Alvarum page is connected to an event.

Edit your group page

As group owner you can change the group name, set a fundraising goal or upload a picture or logo for your group. All these settings can be changed in the edit tab of the group.

Invite others to join the group

In order to invite other people into your group you should share the link of your group page with them. Every person who wants to join a group needs to create an Alvarum page and fundraise for the same charity and event as the group.