How can I edit my fundraising page

How can I edit my fundraising page

In order to personalize your fundraising page, please folow those steps:

1. Go to

2. Log in with your mail and password (on the top right corner)

3. Click on the page you want to personnalize

4. Go to the "edit" tab of your Alvarum page (on the top, left) and then:

- "Change main picture" to set a new picture on your page.
- "Change content" to personnalize the title, text and give a fundraising goal
- "Change look and feel" to change the colors on your page or insert your own banner on the top of the page (click then on "My template" and select the picture from your computer).
- "Change advanced settings" to change the url of the page, the thank you message to your donors, the communication and closing options of the page.
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